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power of psalms x1 is a very powerful anointing oil! 0.2 oz. The ingredients are hibiscus, virgin olive oil, pure myrh & jasmine flowers. this oil is almond oil based.

this anointing oil will help in regards to praying, and blessings yourself or others. The oil will help reinforce faith or enhance spiritual experience through prayer! 

 The Book of Psalms, found in the Bible's Old Testament, is a collection of religious songs, prayers, and poems attributed to various authors, including King David. It holds significant spiritual and cultural importance for various religious traditions, including Judaism and Christianity. The power of the Book of Psalms stems from several factors:
Expression of Emotions: The Psalms cover a wide range of emotions, from joy and gratitude to sorrow and despair. This makes them relatable to people facing different life situations. Many find solace in knowing that they can turn to the Psalms to express their own feelings and find a connection to the experiences of the authors.
Spiritual Guidance: The Psalms offer guidance and wisdom for navigating life's challenges. They contain reflections on the nature of God, the human condition, and the path to righteousness. Readers often turn to the Psalms for insight and guidance on their spiritual journeys.
Worship and Praise: Many Psalms are devoted to praising and worshiping God. These songs of praise help believers express their devotion and adoration. They are often used in religious services to inspire and uplift congregations.
Comfort and Healing: The Psalms can bring comfort and healing to individuals experiencing pain, grief, or hardship. The words of assurance and the portrayal of God's compassion can provide solace and hope during difficult times.
Connection to History: The Psalms provide a connection to the history and heritage of religious communities. They remind believers of their roots and the faithfulness of God throughout generations.
Community and Fellowship: The Psalms can be a source of unity and shared experience among believers. Many people find a sense of belonging and fellowship when reciting or studying these ancient texts together.
Literary and Artistic Value: The Psalms are not only spiritually significant but also hold literary and artistic value. The poetic and evocative language has inspired countless artists, musicians, and writers throughout history.
Prayer and Meditation: Many individuals use the Psalms as a basis for prayer and meditation. The themes and messages within the Psalms can help individuals connect with the divine and reflect on their own lives.
Versatility: The Psalms cover a wide range of themes and subjects, making them applicable to various life situations. Whether someone is seeking guidance, expressing gratitude, seeking comfort, or offering praise, there's likely a Psalm that resonates with their needs.
In summary, the power of the Book of Psalms lies in its ability to touch hearts, provide guidance, foster spiritual growth, and create a deep connection between individuals and the divine. It continues to be a timeless source of inspiration and comfort for people across cultures and generations.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kimberly Pettiford (San Diego, CA, US)
Smells heavenly

The floral bouqet of roses smells heavenly. Helps to lighten my mood when used meditation & reading of favorite Psalms

Gin (Rex, GA, US)
Power of Psalms

She smells like a bed of roses. My mom loves it. Thank you!


Love it

Tanya Scott (Waco, TX, US)
power of psalms x1?

This one I sent to my sister as a birthday present. But she tells me she loves the smell of it. Now I have bought some of her products and I love all the ones I have purchased.


I’ve become obsessed with this shop. And their oils. This one is my favorite. The hint of rose is inviting. Great shop. Highly recommend

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