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Tyche X3 was named after the Greek goddess Tyche, the goddess of luck, fortune and chance. Tyche is the luckiest greek goddess. Tyche X3 will help with manifesting good luck, success & POWER. Tyche X3 is based with our ALMOND oil, a hint of vanilla, a dash of peaches, & other active ingredients to help with attracting those great things to you. You should use this oil before meeting important people, or going to important meetings or events!  It has a magnetic effect to bring favor to you! Tyche X3 sets YOU  apart from others! The fragrance smells overall delicious & addictive. You wouldn't want to leave your house without applying. You're in for a special treat with this oil!



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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
A.H. (Altadena, CA, US)
Smells lovely

This is a beautiful scent. Very light yet fragrant and delightful. It’s soft, fruity, kind of sweet too. It’s definitely one you want to add to your collection.

Andrea Blanding (Fayetteville, NC, US)
Love it

I absolutely love the Smell!
I purchased this back when it came in the perfume spray bottle (during that huge sale! Shoutout to our girl! Definitely comes through for us!) so I’m excited about this relaunch. I used this oil when I went to this event and was then asked by the coordinator of the organization to be apart of their next project! Definitely worked for me! I also Ike to pair it with Laks 1 & 2 both for physical and metaphysical purposes. I love how they smell together. Definitely gives wealthy energy!

Mx. Sea (New York, NY, US)

I love love love the old-school perfume bottle! It takes a bit of patience with the application, but within 10-15 pumps you will have a thin sheen of oil application. I suggest rubbing in the oil and speaking affirmations for greatest affects. The oil is extremely powerful and will make you feel self-assured, confident, and capable. The perfume is as strong as any of the other perfumes, leading with a distinct scent of peaches and sweet fruit. As the hours pass, the perfume fades to a sweet powdery scent. While the scent is fruity, it is also seasoned and mature. The perfume is heavily concentrated with essential oils.

As for the effects: Previously, I had high ambitions but often struggled to meet and maintain the right connections to succeed. I would often meet producers and directors by chance, be offered grand opportunities, but then never hear from them again. With the help of this oil, I was able to create a structured plan for my long-term success. I find it easier to plan strategically for my financial and professional goals when I use this oil, and I find it easier to manifest situations that connect me to important people. Additionally, I have a book out and noticed that my work increased in popularity during the time I started wearing Tyche x3. I was able to seamlessly get my work placed in retail stores and connect with the right people. The perfume feels very rich and has an air of luxury and opulence, like Apro x1 and Cleo x1 combined.

Ruby Sanders (Brooklyn, NY, US)

I ordered this on damage sale cause I been watching an them triple digits wasnt allowing me to purchase😔😔😔 but on damage sale i purchased an I’m so in love don’t need the pump the intentions are in the bottle I’m in love an of course he won’t stop sniffing on me 🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰feeling empowered

Casche Monet (San Antonio, TX, US)
Smells amazing!

I wish this came in a different bottle (the little pump doesn’t give enough oil when it sprays out)

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